Thursday, 20 September 2018

Change is in the Air on October 1

In New England, the changes that are on everyone's mind are the change from summer's hot weather toward winter's cold weather and the changes in color of the trees as autumn's brilliant reds and oranges and yellows mark the transition from summer's green leaves to the starkness of winter's bare limbs.

The theme for City Daily Photo bloggers on November 1 is "Change."  How will you illustrate it?

Monday, 3 September 2018

Nine Years in Stavanger, Norway, for Gunn

In June, Gunn had her ninth anniversary as a City Daily Photo blogger in southwestern Norway.  Stavanger Daily Photo chronicles life in and around the center of Norway's booming oil business.  Stavanger is a lovely combination of modern industry, historic architecture and visiting tourists.

Congratulations, Gunn, for opening our eyes to your charming city.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Life is good when it is Grandpa's chance to teach his granddaughter.

September 1 is Theme Day again for City Daily Photo bloggers.  Let's see your photo illustrating the idea of "Teach."

Friday, 3 August 2018

A Decade in Phoenix for Sharon

Sharon celebrated her tenth year of Phoenix Daily Photo in July.  She has educated us about the fine botanical garden.  Cacti.  Dinner with friends and fine dining around Phoenix.  Artwork.  Downtown buildings and suburban houses and rural scenery.  Every day it is different, but all show the great care that Sharon takes to exhibit the best about her beloved city.

Congratulations, Sharon!  On to the next decade.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Music! The Theme for August 1

There are many ways to illustrate the idea of "Music."  A big symphony orchestra or a small string quartet?  A jazz band or a single performer?  Rock, country, rap, opera.  A baby pounding a pot.  I could go on for hours.  I liked this stolen photo of a solo performer who found a quiet spot in a park and played for no one but himself.

How will you illustrate "Music" on August 1 for the Citty Daily Photo bloggers' monthly theme.  So easy, but so many choices . . .

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Mercy! Merci! Murcia!

Last month Murcia Daily Photo celebrated its tenth anniversary as a City Daily Photo blog.  Usu Asia began his own blog after falling in love with Eric Tenin's Paris Daily Photo and has showcased his beloved region ever since.

The Region of Murcia is located in the southeastern of Spain, between Andalusia (west), Castilla-La Mancha (North), Valencia (East) and the Mediterranean Sea (South). The city of Murcia is the capital of the Region. Other major cities are: Cartagena, Lorca, Caravaca de la Cruz, Jumilla, Yecla, Bullas, Mazarrón, Aguilas ... 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Nine Years on CDP for the Wanderer, Rob Siemann

Rob the Frog has wandered the globe and has based City Daily Photo blogs in Barcelona, Spain, and now Strasbourd, France . . . and maybe more places.  He recently finished up his ninth year on CDP and is is full stride during his tenth year.

Congratulations, Rob. 

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