Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Can you think "Orange" without smiling?

Orange is a colour often associated with  warmth, heat, and sunshine.   It's an overwhelmingly joyful colour, but it's not particularly suited to camouflage.

It stands out so well that  there's a particular shade of it known as "Safety Orange" which seems to go marvellously with any other coloured garment.  I wonder how many beautiful landscapes or even city photographs have been ruined by one person in an orange jacket walking into frame at the wrong time.

Perhaps we'll see some examples on the first of October, when our theme day topic is "Orange".

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Let's Have a Big Hand for Jim and Sydney - City and Suburbs

Jim started "Sydney -- City and Suburbs" thirteen years ago.  Yes.  Thirteen years.  In September of 2006.  Now, THAT is impressive.  Jim got into a rhythm of daily posting at the start of 2009, and since then has missed very few days (with occasional vacation lapses in August).

We appreciate both your regularity and your ability to captivate us with scenes from your beautiful city, Jim.  Well done!

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Red, but not under the bed.

September's theme day topic is "Red", a colour synonymous with danger!

It's a colour with magical properties though.  I've even heard that cars painted that colour go faster than ... well they just go faster.

Here's a challenge:  why not take a little risk, do something you wouldn't normally do, get into the photographic danger zone when creating your photo for September the first?

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Some Nostalgic Appreciation for Julie Storry

Many of us spent hours in the past admiring posts by Julie Storry on "Sydney Eye," where she researched at length the history of her beloved Sydney, Australia.  Julie also spent several years keeping this City Daily Photo portal afloat.  For a year Julie administered a blog for the theme "Taphophile Tragics," dedicated to those who liked visiting and photographing cemeteries.  And, she started and stopped a number of other blogs, some about gardening, several about family, and others about whatever struck her fancy at the time.

The sun set on Sydney Eye three years ago.  Julie developed a variety of health and mobility challenges and moved in with her daughter's family.  It has been quite a while since City Daily Photo has had a contribution from Julie.  We often recognize Eric Tenen for starting the City Daily Photo community.  This month let's also channel some thoughts toward Julie Storry, and thank her for her efforts to keep it going.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

In the Black.

Black is an interesting "colour" to capture.  By it's very nature it's a colour linked sadness and worse, in fact "the black dog" is an expression meaning "depression".

I'm going to be happy on the first of August though, because this theme day "black" will be the first topic this year for which photos of flowers will not give anyone an easy "out".

Perhaps someone will even find a way to inject some black humour into the day.  Let's see how you can brighten our black theme day gallery!

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Roma Photo Walk is Worth a Look

Roma Photo Walk has been online since late 2012 but only became a member of the City Daily Photo community this past winter.  Franco Spaccialbelli is the photographer.  He works in tourism in Rome, Italy, and is affiliated with the three star Hotel Montecarlo Roma.  You will love to see the beautiful capital city of Italy through the eyes of a native.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

A Fond Farewell to Lowell Anderson of Ocala, Central Florida & Beyond

Our longtime friend, Lowell Anderson, put away his camera on June 14, 2019.  He was a City Daily Photo blogger for many years, balancing his regular blog (most recently titled Ocala, Central Florida & Beyond) with several other Florida-based blogs.  He commented often on his friends' blogs, always with a bit of humor.

Lowell was a Minister, Teacher, Writer, Composer, Photographer, Golfer...a man of many talents.  He was an accomplished writer of stories, poems, essays, articles and songs.  Lowell leaves behind his beloved wife of 62 years, Lois Anne, three children, seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.  HIs obituary can be found at this link:  https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ocala/obituary.aspx?n=lowell-arden-anderson&pid=193160669

R.I.P. Lowell.

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