Sunday, 14 September 2014

October's Theme Day - Movement

Gerald England has proposed “Movement” as the theme for City Daily Photo bloggers in October.

Gerald started “Hyde Daily Photo” in April 2006 after discovering the City Daily Photo family through Pamela Haywood's “Secret Tenerife” site.  The blog seemed a good way of getting to know Hyde by forcing him to explore and photograph the town. As a non-native of the town, it is a learning experience and he enjoys sharing his discoveries about the place.

Hyde, in northeast Cheshire, England, developed in the 19th century mainly as a result of the cotton industry. A fiercely independent town, in 1971, along with its Cheshire neighbors, Stalybridge and Dukinfield, Hyde became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside centered in the Lancashire town of Ashton-under-Lyne. They are now all part of the ceremonial county of Greater Manchester, which has absorbed several parts of the traditional counties of Cheshire and Lancashire.

In 2011, Gerald put the original blog into archive mode and created “Hyde Daily Photo Volume 2” in order to display larger photographs. As he travels frequently to explore and photograph Stockport, he added “Stockport Daily Photo” to his blog portfolio in April 2013.

The theme "Movement" can be interpreted in many ways. This photograph features a stormy sea at Blackpool. It can be difficult to capture movement in a still photograph, but there are various ways of doing so. Not all movements involve things that are moving at an instant in time, so different interpretations are also possible.  

How will you show movement in your photograph?

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  1. I have three different options, each unique from the others. Gerald's shot is formidable!


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