Tuesday, October 14, 2014

November's theme announced - "Landmark"

This month’s “Landmark” theme was contributed by Virginia Jones, a retired elementary school teacher from Birmingham, Alabama.  These days Virginia is a full-time photographer and instructor, when she is not volunteering at her church and the Birmingham Museum of Art or other community activities or spoiling her five adorable grandchildren.  Oh, Virginia also flies off to Paris whenever the opportunity presents itself!

Virginia’s first photo blog was started in mid-2008.  “Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo” celebrates life in her hometown.  Although Birmingham is often remembered for its steel mills and called the Pittsburgh of the South, Virginia finds her hometown a beautiful and friendly place and has always sought to post photographs that reflect the beauty and positive things happening in Alabama’s largest city.

Virginia’s love of all things French has found expression in her second blog, “Paris Through My Lens,” which was started in November 2008.  Her business website, “Virginia Jones Photography,” illustrates the variety of her photographic interests and accomplishments, as well as information about upcoming photography classes.

For this month’s theme of Landmarks, Virginia chose the curtain going up on the 100 year old Lyric Theatre in downtown Birmingham.  Built in 1914 as a vaudeville theatre, this curtain proudly displays the words ASBESTOS in the center, a safety feature back in the day.  Thanks to a recent fundraising campaign, over $7 million dollars has been raised and the restoration of this lovely old theatre is underway.   For her second century, the Lyric will be a performing arts theatre, hosting ballet, opera, theatre and symphony events.

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