Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rust and Ruins - Theme Day for September.

Sharon from Phoenix Daily Photo   has suggested “Rust and Ruin” for the September theme.  Even though Phoenix is a desert city with a very dry climate, a good amount of rust can still be found around the area.  Sharon has been blogging since July of 2008 and she has recently added two new blogs, Sharon’s Sojourns, a travel blog and Sharon’s Art Works.  Links to both are on the sidebar of Phoenix Daily Photo.

Sharon lives right in the heart of central Phoenix, very close to the all the amenities of a vibrant downtown.  She works part time for a non-profit organization doing systems analyst work and technical writing.

Sharon enjoys traveling and has traveled all over the United States and to Europe and South America.  She would love to visit Australia and Africa sometime in the future.  In addition, she keeps busy taking photos and sometimes she manipulates her photos into works of art.  

This photo is a good example of rust and ruin.  An old truck found sitting in the far corner of a parking lot slowing disintegrating into rust and ruin.  Rust isn’t always a bad thing.  Sometimes a nice piece of rusty metal can be turned into an imaginative work of art.  Let’s see what you can find in your city that is rusted and/or ruined.  

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