Wednesday, 18 June 2014

July’s Theme Day Announced – Celebrating Summer

“Celebrating Summer” is the CDP theme for July.  It was contributed by Daryl Edelstein, whose daily photo blog is “out & about in new york city.”   Daryl lives with her husband (a/k/a “toonman”) in a brownstone near Riverside Park and works in the media industry in Times Square.  Daryl’s frenetic online life began in 2007; these days she has two blogs and is busy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In New York City, summer is steaming ahead by July.  For those who stay in the city instead of exiting on weekends to the country, there are beaches, public swimming pools, day camps for kid, lots of parks to wander in, picnic in … and of course there's Coney Island's amazing amusement park.

Every city has its own unique way of celebrating summer.  Let your imagination and your camera run wild and share your city's way of celebrating!


  1. This topic is disappointing for those of us deep in winter.

  2. Hi Julie, that was my first reaction too - then I thought it simply presented a different level of challenge for us.

    I am sure we can get our own back next year in some way! Perhaps a winter theme in July or August? :-)

  3. But why should we need a different challenge, or, indeed, need to get our own back. I thought the idea of a monthly theme was to bring us together on the same topic. This is a majority vs minority theme. Disappointing.

  4. Julie,
    I understand what you mean, you can't offer any recent pictures. Why not publish some of your past summer? I always live vicariously in warmer climes when around here all is dark and grey and I get to enjoy your sunny summer impressions. I especially love to see how Christmas is celebrated Down Under!

  5. What's to worry. This is a northern hemisphere portal, after all.


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