Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ten Years of Antigua Daily Photo

Rudy Giron posted his first photo on Antigua Daily Photo ten years ago today.  Like many of us, Rudy had stumbled across Eric Tenen's Paris Daily Photo blog and was motivated to create his own blog showing photos of his photogenic city.  His first post on May 1, 2006, was called "Where in the World is Antigua Guatemala?"  Through his first post -- constructed from screen shots from Google Maps -- we learned that Antigua means Old Guatemala City and Antigua was once the capital.  

Not content with just one post to start his blog, Rudy added a second post on that first day, with a slideshow of photographs to introduce viewers to the beauty of his city, and several other posts with individual photographs.  In the following ten years, Rudy has posted each and every day, a record of consistency that humbles most of us.  He has shown us buildings, people, festivals, animals and plants and much more.  The photograph shown above is taken from a post in mid-March of this year.

Rudy Giron describes himself as a Central American photographer, graphic & web designer, content creator, music lover, and epicure in progress.  Congratulations, Rudy!

Other longtime City Daily Photo bloggers have also reached long term anniversaries.  In coming months, we will honor those we know about.  To let us know about your blogiversaries, awards, publications and other significant events, please use the "Contact" button at the top.

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