Thursday, 7 April 2016

May 2016 - SMELL

The Challenge in May is to Convey the Idea of “Smell” in a Photograph

Anna is not in Tahiti any longer but she misses the distinctive smells.  That gave her the idea for the May theme:  “Smells.”

Anna started Tahiti Daily Photo one year ago, but she is not new to blogging.  She wrote a personal blog with news for her family during the three years she lived and worked in French Polynesia. Anna lives in France these days, but she shows photographs taken when she worked in Tahiti and during a two month holiday in Tahiti last summer – plus some friends ‘ “live from Tahiti” photographs.

A smell is something you can only imagine when looking at a photograph or reading a blog post.  How are you going to convey the idea of a smell on this month’s theme day, May 1?

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