Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A shout-out for longevity

Back on 21 March, Gerald England posted to our FaceBook group about the longevity of some of the early starters within City Daily Photo. He mentioned that 17 of the bloggers to the Theme Day for January 2007 were still blogging over 6 years later, namely
Eric's Paris DP
Ham's London DP
Denton's Greenville DP
Christopher's Nottingham DP
Gerald's Hyde DP
Sally's Sydney DP
Steve's Twin Cities DP
Helen's Albuquerque DP
Kate's Visual St Paul
Celine's Stayton DP
Kim's Seattle DP
Zannie's Singapore DP
Ben's Nelson DP
Lachezar's Auckland DP
Zsolt's Budapest DP This is where Zannie has relocated to.
Kay's Sequim DP and
Olivier's Evry DP.
He did forget to mention Ineke's Rotterdam DP.

Now, I have just rejoined Newcastle-Upon-Tyne DP to the portal. Newcastle was the 18th member of the CDP community with their first post in June 2006 being to the 'supermarkets' Theme Day.

Go over and welcome both Beth and Chris back into the fold.


  1. I can't remember what the theme was on that day six years ago, but I posted a photo I took from the roof of the living room, and I shot a video as well. Time flies and all that.

  2. I was looking from the links at Rotterdam doesn't appear to have participated in the theme - the Newcastle link goes to a now dormant domain

    1. Gerald having a toddler and very little spare time meant that for a while I didn't have any time to look after the site. This unfortunately coincided with Denton not hosting the site any more. It wasn't his fault - he gave me a year's notice! - but I lost the domain name at that time. All archives are still active.

  3. Stefan and Ineke were indeed active back in Jan 2007 but they didn't post to the theme (Photo of the Year) so didn't show up on the links for that day.

  4. One of the benefits of participating in Theme Days, is the paper-trail that is left, I suppose.

  5. The Newcastle blog commenced in February 2006 at this URL and Denton was helping Chris with the technical aspects.Then they got into strife with too many blogs having titles too similar and they changed to as from July 2006. Beth assures me that Chris is still involved with the blog and I reckon this is sufficient continuity.

    1. MDP kicked off in Feb 2007

    2. Thank you Julie! I only just spotted this post, been busy trying to fix my computer over Easter! I wish we hadn't lost the original domain name but this one is definitely simpler and is what I would have chosen, but I wasn't involved in the site when the name was originally chosen.

  6. Excellent, JB. Just the sort of information that Peter and I are endeavouring to collect. Much appreciated.

  7. I have been contacted by a few more of ou pioneers so an update is being prepared to be posted toward the middle of April.

  8. Thank you, Gerald et al, I like knowing these things.

  9. Julie, had you thought of running a Theme Day along the lines of "Which Daily Photo inspired me to start (and why), here's my very first post and here's their most recent one"
    That automatically generates our history and gives context to the whole endeavour.

  10. I did a post like that for my first anniversary but alas the Tenerife blog that inspired me is no longer extant.

  11. I somehow never managed to participate in a theme day, but I am very grateful to Gerald for including me in the City Daily meme, way back when.
    Merisi in Vienna

    1. Merisi, that is sad that you have never done a Theme Day, yet you do Skywatch Friday. I have checked through your blog and the first post as December 2005. when did you join CDP?

    2. Julie,
      Gerald England was kind enough to put my blog onto the CDP roster. 2006 or 2007?
      I felt very honoured then, and still do today. I shall keep an eye on Theme Day, in fact, I put it on my calendar! I shall do my best to participate in May.
      Thank you, Julie, for your kind words,


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