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Nederlands - virtually real friends (Cont.)


Peter Van Den Besselaar is our blogger in Tilburg. Peter has been blogging since October 2008.

Tilburg is a city of just over 200,000 people in North-Brabant. It is 76% ethnic Dutch, and 60% Roman Catholic. Vincent Van Gogh spent part of his schooling in Tilburg. 

To learn more about Tilburg, visit Tilburg Daily Photo.


Jeroen van de Ven is our blogger in Venlo. Jeroen has been blogging since November 2009.

Venlo is a city of just over 100,000 people in Limburg, which is close to the German border. The historic centre of the town is located on the eastern bank of the river Meuse. A barge, called the 'Maashopper', plies the River Meuse so that visitors can see other towns, with the option of biking or walking in the Dutch countryside.

To learn more about Venlo, visit Venlo Daily Photo.

Oudeschild in Texel

Marlon Paul Bruin is our blogger in Texel. Marlon has been blogging since November 2006.

Texel is a town of nearly 14,000 people on an island in the province of North Holland. It is the largest of the Frisian Islands. It is pronounced 'Tessel' and gained city rights in 1415. The original Texel Island was smaller, but was poldered with Eierland Island over their intervening shoals. One third of the island is a protected nature reserve, home to raptors and geese.

To learn more about Texel, visit Texel Daily Image


Marcel Van Baaren is our blogger in Woerden. Marcel has been blogging since September 2008.

Woerden is a city of 50,000 people in Utrecht province and is known as a dormitory suburb for Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Hague, and Utrecht because of the excellent rail connections.It is situated on the Oude Rijn River, and there are many Roman ruins beneath the city dating from 40BC. There is an 1885 cheese market in the centruum, and Woerden is famed for its Gouda cheese.

To learn more about Woerden, visit Woerden Daily Photo


Ineke Pompen is our blogger in Rotterdam. Ineke has been blogging since January 2005.

The greater metro area of Rotterdam has a population of 1.2 million people. 52% of the population is ethnic Dutch, with 48% being a broad range of multi-ethnic groups. The city is a massive transport and distribution hub, which sits on the delta of the Rhine, the Meuse, and the Scheldt Rivers. In addition to being a massive port at the crossroads of Europe, it is reknown for the Erasmus University and some striking architecture. It has been settled at least from 900AD and from 1962 to 2004 it was the largest port in the world.

To learn more about Rotterdam, visit Rotterdam Daily Photo.


Our bloggers in Gouda (Gouwe) are Henri Boere, Ria People and Kees Vossestein. They have been blogging since September 2006.

Gouda is a city in the province of South Holland with 72,000 people, which gained city rights in 1272. Its city hall which stands on Markt Square was constructed between 1448 and 1450. Although the famous cheese market is held in this square, the famous Gouda cheese is not made in the city, but in the surrounding countryside. When in Gouda, sample their brilliant 'stroopwafels' and visit the Verzetmuseum about the Dutch resistance in World War II.

To learn more about Gouda, visit Half Gouda

Oud Beijerland

Petra Pantalon is our blogger in Oud Beijerland. Petra has been blogging since March 2012.

Oud Beijerland is a town in Sud Holland of 23,800 people, which is located on the Oude Maas and Spui Rivers. It was formed in 1559. As well as an Oud Beijerland there is also a Nieuw Beijerland. It is located on a 'polder' which is a tract of reclaimed land surrounded by dikes. Its early prosperity was from agriculture and fishing, and its early wealth is reflected in the elegant mansions along the vliet (canals).
To learn more about Oud Beijerland, visit Oud Beijerland Daily Photo.

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