Monday, 7 March 2016

April 2016 - The Beauty of Simplicity

The Beauty of Simplicity

Simplicity is beautiful.  It makes a picture easily readable.  Many people show half of the world in a single picture – friends, buildings, trees, signs, landscape, sky, clouds.  That is too much, it is confusing.  Focus on just one subject, make it simple. If you like to show your friends, make a picture of your friends.  If you like landscapes, take a photo of that landscape alone, without something else.  One photo, one subject.  Make it simple and your photos will be readable by everyone. "Less is more."

This month's theme comes from Karl at Bolzano Daily Photo.  Karl has been blogging since 2005 in German and Italian.  In 2010 he started BDP in English. Karl speaks Ladin (his mother language), Italian and German fluently.  His English is now pretty good, thanks to his blog and all his English language online friends. (Karl also understands Spanish and French.)

Karl has posted more than 2,000 daily posts on BDP, with more than 5,000 pictures.  He has not missed a day on BDP since starting in 2010, and all of the photos were taken exclusively in South Tyrol (where Switzerland, Austria and Italy meet).

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  1. Such a good topic. It might even help our photography.


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