Thursday, 7 May 2015

Be Stylish on the First of June! - That's the Theme for the Day!

Grace Forde started Perth Daily Photo in April 2011 because all the main cities of the world seemed to be covered by City Daily Photo bloggers, but Perth – the most isolated city on the globe – was virtually unknown.  

She wanted to show viewers that Perth has everything that Sydney and Melbourne offer, but in a slightly more “laid back” way.  When the West Australian did a write up on blogs a while back, Perth Daily Photo was listed as top travel blog!

Grace’s family emigrated to Zimbabwe when she was but a baby, and she spent her teenage years there.  When Grace married, new adventure called and on hearing that the weather and lifestyle were similar the young couple flew to Perth and have never regretted that choice!  Even though Grace makes regular trips to Sydney to see her son and family, it's always brilliant to get back to the west coast.

In recent years, Perth has been growing and catching up in every way . . . trendy cafes, bars and restaurants, amazing art and fashion and just about everything that is, well . . . stylish!  What is stylish where you are?


  1. Great Theme Day choice, and Grace's blog immediately comes to mind. I love reading her blog!
    I am looking forward to all those style posts,

  2. This theme might be a tricky one for me but, well, I do love a challenge. :)

  3. Oh i have to put my thinking cap on for this!

  4. I love this one Grace, and great to hear your background too ;-)


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