Tuesday, 7 April 2015

May's Theme Day - "Revolution".

Chrissy has been blogging about her adopted city of Manchester since 2011, at “Mancunian Wave.”  She likes theme days that offer plenty of scope, ambiguity and poetic licence, so she chose “revolution” with this in mind. 

The word conjures different images depending on your perspective.

It might be a social protest, an uprising in the traditional sense in your city or area; or maybe a revolutionary idea that comes from your city – something  small like a new cycle route or maybe a medical discovery developed locally that could save lives around the world.

Revolution also of course means going round – a public transport system that is a loop or circular line?  The wheels of a car?  A bike race through your region?  Or a beautiful wind turbine, generating green energy as it revolves? 

Manchester has seen many revolutionary historical figures and some real revolutions.  Ernest Rutherford split the atom there in 1910.  The Pankhurst women led the suffragette movement enabling voting and – eventually – equal rights for women.  Marx and Engels met and worked in Manchester and based the Communist Manifesto and other writings on the appalling working conditions resulting from the industrial revolution that started there two centuries ago.

The photo above was taken during  current day national protests in Manchester against welfare cuts to the masses while the rich are given tax cuts.


  1. Excellent choice, Chrissy. It is open to such an array of interpretations.

    1. Thanks Julie, I hope everyone has fun finding a photo.


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