Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"HEIGHTS" and other theme days!

As you will have read on the "Theme Day" pages, the theme for November will be "Heights".

"Heights" is the exact opposite of the internet lows we are experiencing at CDP at the moment, but after a year of asking for patience, the end it nigh!    Next Monday, the nice men are coming to install an entirely new line, and then sometime in the following two weeks we should have something called "the internet" available at home!

Look out for some changes around here after that happens!

Actually that brings me neatly to December's theme, which will be "Looking Out" and for those who have diaries that reach that far into the future, January will see a return of what was a CDP tradition - "Photo of the Year"  to be determined by you!

While things won't happen quickly for a little while, they will happen, so stay posted!

Once again, many thanks for your patience,



  1. Hopefully things get sorted for you in the next couple of weeks from the net side of things.

  2. That is such a beautiful picture, so many stories, literally a picture book!
    The details are fascinating, the "steps" on the roofs, the chimney tops. The tiles on the roof remind me of St. Stephen's Cathedral here. Where in the world did you capture this scene? I don't dare to guess, I just know I have never been there.
    I hope everything's running smoothly (and fast) now and best wishes for the New Year,


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