Monday, 2 October 2017


Later this month Michel Benoit celebrates the conclusion of his first decade of consistent daily blogging at Avignon.  Michael does a splendid job of honoring his beautiful and historic home city on the Rhone River through a mix of his own photographs, historic photographs and a variety of Avignon-related memorabilia. 

Since I was fortunate to be in Michael's lovely city just two weeks ago, I will honor his blog by posting my own Avignon photograph, too.


  1. Happy Decade, Michael. I'm almost at 9 years, so you're older than I am. I need to start visiting "Avignon Daily Photo" more. I had no idea how close to Spain you are. Looks like a fun region to live in! Happy birthday.

    Greensboro Daily Photo

  2. Hello Janis and thank you !

    Long ago I did not relay publications on CityDailyPhotos !
    I do not know how it can be done now, since the form changed...
    Best regards from Avignon !

    Hola Janis and muchas gracias !

    Hace mucho tiempo que no relé las publicaciones en CityDailyPhotos !
    No sé cómo se puedo hacer ahora desde el formulario cambiado...
    Saludos desde Avignon.



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