Thursday, 10 November 2016

Let's celebrate transitions in December

The last theme of 2015 is "Transitions," brought to you by Tanya of Around Roanoke .. A Daily Photo Blog.  Tanya’s first blog was Monroe Daily Photo (Monroe, Georgia), begun after following Paris Daily Photo and others.  Tanya and her family relocated near Roanoke, Virginia, and that is how she came up with the theme "Transitions," since her blog and personal life have gone through so many! 

Tanya rarely picked up a camera until joining City Daily Photo, but now really enjoys photography and learning about the places she visits.  She can't wait to find a new spot to photograph, and she drags her family with her!  Tanya’s blog has also chronicled the growth of her four kids, two now in college.  (More "transitions.")  If and when life slows down, Tanya hopes to take a photography course.

This photo was taken in Troutville, Virginia, along Rte 11 in Botetourt County.  It reminded Tanya of changes we will probably all make in the coming new year. . . . again, more "transitions!”

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