Sunday, 10 July 2016

“My City’s Skyline” is the August Theme

What does your city look like? City Daily Photo bloggers frequently show little vignettes of life in their respective cities, but rarely do we see the big picture!

Tamera is a full time wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Since leaving her job in 2002 to focus on her studio full time, she found that personal photography became more and more infrequent as her business consumed all of her inspiration and attention. 

In an attempt to keep her creative spark alive in a happy maelstrom of brides and babies, Tamera joined the CDP community and began her blog, Colorado Springs Daily Photo, on November 17, 2008 (having been a big fan of Paris Daily Photo for some time by then). More than seven years later, she still thoroughly enjoys her daily search for interesting photography subjects in and around beautiful Colorado Springs. And she still thoroughly enjoys her photography business, reveling in the happy maelstrom of brides and babies!

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