Friday, 10 June 2016

Look Down on July 1

As a photographer searching for those pesky daily photos, Stuart of Amboise Daily Photo finds it is important to look around in all directions, including this month’s theme, “look down”.  This could be from your local skyscraper or just looking at what you’re standing on.  This is also an open invitation to find a pattern or an abstraction that appeals to you.

Stuart is a survivor of a technology career in the US, who retired to Paris in 2008 with his wife Elizabeth.  Not yet equipped with sufficient language skills, Stuart sought help from the Grand Master of daily photos, Eric Tenin, to resolve a problem… a technology one at that.  Eric could not have been more gracious.  He welcomed the new immigrants with open arms to his magnificent city.  The seeds of a long term friendship were thus planted.  

After several years of living in a small Paris apartment, however, the Americans felt a need for more space.  Thus, they bought a little house with outdoor space in the small town of Amboise in the Loire valley (about two hours south of Paris).   Once settled, and after years of inspiration from Paris Daily Photo, Stuart decided to join the CDP team with Amboise Daily Photo.  He spreads his time among photography, woodworking, home projects, running and cycling, eating well, and travelling.

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