Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Let’s See a Bicycle From Your City on August 1

Giacomo and his wife Gianna live in the Italian port city of Livorno , the Mediterranean gateway to Florence and Tuscany.  They started Livorno Daily Photo on Christmas week of 2008 and have posted continuously ever since.  

Giacomo felt he needed a pen name, so he chose “VP” as “Vogon Poet” in honor of the Vogon poetry, the third worst in the universe according to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Gianna chose Trillian, another character from the same series of books.

VP rode a bicycle as a kid, sometimes for pleasure and often as a means of transportation. Now Trillian and VP mostly walk, but they are still fascinated by locked or abandoned bikes they see around. They are one of their favorite subjects and they also invented a kind of art about them.

There many bicycles around Livorno, probably too many and a lot of them abandoned and/or damaged. This kind of bicycle, with baskets and floral decorations, is quite nice and relatively common here.


  1. Oh this is perfect.. I know exactly where I'm heading for my photo :)

  2. I have a couple in the bag, but nothing takes my fancy just yet. I am in the city again tomorrow, so shll keep an eye out. Not many couriers on a weekend though ...

  3. I've been collecting bike shots for this theme. I will probably have enough for a whole week. Love this idea, thanks for suggesting VP and Trillian!

  4. Sinceramente, llegué por casualidad, pero veo que tenemos varios amigos en común.
    La foto me atrapó, con tiempo voy a leer textos anteriores, creo que hay muy buen material.
    Un abrazo


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