Monday, 15 December 2014

On January 1, Show Us Your “Photo of the Year”

For the past several years, the City Daily Photo bloggers have celebrated the New Year by exhibiting their best (or favorite) photograph of the year that has just ended.  So, let’s do it again.  OK?

Jack from “Naples and Hartford in Season” has offered to show a favorite photograph with this announcement.  Jack is a retired lawyer who began his CDP blog six days after his retirement in mid-2010.  It was originally based in Hartford, Connecticut, but now Jack lives in the winter in Naples, Florida, so he posts from both cities – and wherever else he travels.

This photograph is from an October trip to Italy.  Siracusa is a beautiful old city on the southeastern coast of Sicily.  Jack hung around the piazza in front of the Duomo and waited for someone to enter the scene from the left.  These two young men cooperated.  What will you show us on January 1?


  1. I'm already thinking of my choices!

  2. Most likely I will break the rules and make a collage of my street portraits from the last twelve months.

  3. I think the rules are there to be broken (within the context of the theme of course!)

  4. The rules for this theme are extremely elastic, Steffe. I like your idea of a collage of street portraits; nearly as good as a collage of tattoos. I have not decided upon my own theme yet - within the context of the portal theme, of course!

  5. Please help choose mine by visiting Best of Hyde Daily Photo 2014 and vote for your favourites. Deadline for voting is 12 noon GMT on Monday 29th December 2014.

  6. A collage is a good idea.


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