Thursday, 23 May 2013

Themes on the Portal

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Members of the City Daily Photo community are encouraged to participate in two themes each month, our traditional 'first-of-the-month' theme which is chosen after a month-long member vote, and the new 'mid-month' theme which is chosen by the portal administrator. How is this new theme faring?{Continued]


  1. I enjoy the challenge of finding a suitable theme each month and now mid-month. I'd like to suggest, however, that the monthly theme be more general. I like the idea of "facade" for July because that is general, but some of the choices for August to vote on are too specific: veranda, for example.

  2. I agree with Kate. I liked the more general themes we used to have. I find some of these specific ones hard to find subject matter for.

  3. I am sure specific suggestions for themes will be greatly appreciated! ;-)


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