Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cafe chairs - a summary

Blue Mountains Journal, Australia

Chalking up a tick against yet another City Daily Photo 'Theme Day', here are some statistics for the March theme, 'Cafe chairs'
Number of contributions - 85
Total number of visits to the contributions - 1,397
Average number of visits - 16.5
All these stats are provided by the Linky.

My personal favourites top and tail this news report. However, here are the community favourites based on the Linky exit clicks
83 - Michel, Avignon, France
35 - Sandra, Melbourne, Australia
34 - Virginia, Paris, France
33 - Eric, Paris, France
28 - Grace, Perth, Australia
28 - Jim, Sydney, Australia
27 - Barbara, NYC, USA
27 - Genie, Paris, France
25 - Peter, Sydney, Australia
25 - Jo, Sydney, Australia
25 - Petrea, Pasadena, USA
There is a pattern here. Even though I have listed the entries in reverse order, people are still starting their viewing with the first contribution, and going up the list.

I am at a loss to explain the massive rating for Michel's Avignon blog. There has never been a click-rate any where near as high. My puzzlement is compounded by his post receiving but 6 comments from known CDP bloggers.

Note that the Linky remained open for 5 days this month, to encourage late entries. Of course, this might mean that the posts were under-appreciated. Putting the poll for May up for the duration of the March theme did not encourage many of you to vote, there being but 40 votes from 85 posts.

Scituate Daily Photo, USA


  1. I'm not sure that I clearly understand all the language, but I wonder ... are the views counted for all visitors or for only CDP bloggers?

  2. I am unable to block non-cdp bloggers from visiting the Monthly Theme linky, Kate. Indeed, I do not want to block anyone from visiting. However, I did remove a couple of non-member contributions.

    1. Do you mean you remove non-member contributions from the blog itself or on the CDP FAcebook page? or neither? Is there any problem with a non-member visiting and leaving a comment? Or have I totally misunderstood the conversation. Highly likely!

    2. i guess I am surprised that you are able to remove non-member contributions. Could you explain the rationale? Since I receive many of my comments from bloggers that do not belong to CDP, I'd hate to see their contributions ignored or deleted.

    3. Well, that was a clear answer, no?

  3. Once in a while web stats hit a glitch. I once looked at my stats and one post had a sudden jump by hundreds of hits. I think it was a software error.

  4. Is there any difference if visitors clicked on the link on Facebook and those who clicked on the link from http://www.citydailyphoto.org/?

  5. Yes, Linda. I suspect a software glitch in this case, too.

  6. Wilf, that is not the click that is being counted in this case. What is being counted here is the number of people who visit EACH thumbnail on the Linky. They are already into the cdp portal and there their route to the portal does not impact this count.

    However, as the cdp theme day page is in reality a standalone blog, I can view blogger stats and total clicks for each Theme and where visitors were mainly coming from. I will go look at these stats and do a short round-up for those who are interested.

    Thanks for your input.

  7. I am just curious, as now, we actually have 3 way to visit a member blog, me for example don't always click on the thumbnail on the linky to visit a blog, sometimes I just went through Facebook or the main daily page of cdp.

    1. Yes, that is a little bit true, Wilf. However, the theme day linky will only take you to that specific post foe each blog.

      The FB group page allows you to visit perhaps 20 blogs each day, and this might be enough for you if they are the 20 you like,

      But, yes, lots of choice available ...

    2. For me the number of choices are redundant and I'm not sure which one I should be using. I comment on both CDP bloggers and others that visit my website and whom I follow fairly regularly, using my dashboard with more frequency. I wonder how other bloggers visit and comment on other posts?

    3. Kate, the choice is there for the many, rather than the individual. To me, the least satisfactory method is via FB. I think many people keep in touch with their favourites via either their Blogger dashboard, or more likely, the list on their own side-bar.

  8. Fascinating report- thanks so much Julie.

  9. Hey, it was nice to find mine there as one of your personal favourites.

    I can see why Michel's image had so many clicks ... it was such a great image for the theme.

    1. Goodo ... re Michel's contribution. It was the disconnect between clicks and comments that essentially had me stumped. If I bother to go through to a blog, I invariably leave a comment. My INTENT is to leave a comment even before I click ...

  10. What a Stylish cafe chair !You really did a great job by posting it.Thanks.


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