Thursday, 22 November 2012

THEME DAY - "My Street' and Privacy

Concerns are being expressed about the invasion of privacy if members participate in the 'My Street' Theme Day on 1st December. Theme Day is not mandatory, so please do not participate if this is of concern to you.

Other members may consider a work-a-round. You might happen upon an actual 'My Street". I might winkle out a 'Julie Street". You might find a street with a name like 'Pygmy" and crop it judiciously into a long shot. You might also just insert a word into the theme, eg 'My favourite street'.

If you find this theme offensive, however, please DO NOT participate.

Actually, it will probably be first on Facebook, or Twitter, or maybe you'll hear about it from the nice old guy next door. Whatever the case, if you have news to share, how about sharing it with us, so we can share it with everyone and actually make these pages useful?


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