Friday, 10 November 2017

A Big Apple Meet-Up

Last week, two longtime City Daily Photo bloggers met in New York City and spent several days wandering the city, taking photographs and enjoying a reunion.  Bob Crowe (right), a lawyer who posts on St. Louis Daily Photo, and Olivier Perrin (left), who posts on Evry Daily Photo, had met three times before in Paris and Evry, a suburb.  When Olivier let Bob know that he was planning a trip to the USA, Bob rearranged his schedule so the two could visit together.

Some of the highlights of their reunion trip were Queens, where Bob grew up, Roosevelt Island, the High Line and the World Trade Center's September 11 Museum.  This photo shows the two in The Oculus, the newly opened transportation hub at the World Trade Center.

Meeting up with other CDP bloggers?  Leave a comment here and we will make arrangements to get some information and a photo for future posts on the CDP portal.


  1. ça a été un plaisir de passer les trois jours a NYC avec Bob (et découvrir son Queens Natal). Et ensuite j'ai passé une journée avec une ancienne Photo Blogueuse Marie-Noyale ( ) qui m'a fait découvrir une partie de Brooklyn. Merci aux photo-blogueurs pour les partages


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