Monday, 1 May 2017

A Decade of Blogging for Chateaubriant Daily Photo in May

Chateaubriant Daily Photo began on May 15, 2007.  It will celebrate its 10th anniversary in two weeks.  Bergson's blog was born after a radio show in which he heard Eric Tenin from Paris Daily Photo talk about the concept.  Bergson had always done photography and his job was in technology -- like Eric -- so he decided to start his own daily photo blog from his town of Chateaubriant.

Chateabriant is in western France,  in Brittany, about 350 km (220 miles) southwest of Paris.  The town has 12,000 inhabitants and the metro area about double that.  It is known for a chateau, a medieval fair and cattle, with metal and plastics manufacturing being newer additions.

The blog has allowed Bergson to get to know a lot of people on the internet, to travel through the photos, and to meet in person some bloggers who have became friends.  Bergson loves hiking and he also does Nordic walking.  He always has his camera with him to take pictures.  Chateaubriant Daily Photo features the things Bergson loves, like the countryside, religious monuments and wild plants.  The blog only rarely shows people, because Bergson always asks permission to post.


  1. Joyeux décanniversaire Chateaubriant CDP et bravo pour la persévérance et à qualité contante !!!


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