Thursday, 1 December 2016

We Have Some Tasty Themes in 2017!

So, how do you like this line-up for 2017's monthly theme days?

Every year we begin on January 1 with Photograph of the Year.  Review your 2016 posts and show us the one you like best, or your followers liked best, or best exemplifies the year in your city.  Then, on February 1, as Valentine's Day approaches?  Why, Loving Life, of course.  And, on March 1, you will need to stretch your creativity with Black and White in Color, an image that was really shot in color but looks like a black and white photograph.  Fun, right?  In some parts of the world, we have April showers, so on April 1 let's see how you interpret Wet.  Let's Eat on May 1.  And, since Nature is so often a photographer's favorite topic, let's see your best on June 1.

Motion is the theme for July 1.  On August 1, what will you select to illustrate Young at Heart?  We will all have fun on September 1, deciding on an image for Photographing the Photographer.  And . . . get ready . . . we break all taboos on October 1 when we fill our blogs with images illustrating Sensual.  Phew!  After that, let's shake it up with Rock 'n' Roll on November 1.  Then, let's greet the holiday season on December 1 with your best Gift images.  

A year with a lot of photographic fun and some challenges?  Enjoy it.  Happy holidays.

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