Thursday, 5 March 2015


If you can read this, you have probably noticed a few changes to the Portal.

Most of them have been the result of requests from users, although to be fair, they were requested so long ago that whoever requested them will have forgotten all about it and probably got used to whatever it was they requested anyway.   This was not a deliberate strategy, but it worked for a time!

There's probably no need to say that we were trying to make the whole thing simpler, but we were, and perhaps with time we can fine tune that some more.

The biggest changes are to the Portal feed, which has been split into three notional time zones to maximise exposure for participants, and to enable more feeds to be exposed at once (currently 240), and the introduction of an index of blogs participating.

Rather than list everything, this post will be pinned for discussion on the City Daily Photo Facebook Group for the next week. 


  1. This is piddling, I know.

    But you know that tiny-wee image that gets captured by our Bookmarks Toolbar ... it has a name, but be buggered if I can remember it ... well.. ... that image has not been updated, Peter. It is still orange, whereas it should be green.

    Okay. Okay. I will go stick my head in a bucket of water!

  2. It's called a favicon, and don't worry, the grey and green one is in the system - I guess it will take a while to propogate - or for me to find out why it hasn't! :)

  3. Thank you, Peter. The favicon has been updated.


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