Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Which is the most visited theme?

If you had to choose, which do YOU think would be the most visited City Daily Photo theme over the last twelve months?

Not the theme with the most number of contributions, that is November's "The Water's Edge' with 106.

Not the theme with the most number of exit clicks through the Linky, that is also 'The Water's Edge' with 3,214 clicks going out to member blogs. Remember, that the Linky generates visits to your blogs because I choose to advertise our Theme Days using their resources.

Here are the ten most visited themes on the portal according to statistics kept by Blogger
February 'Umbrellas' with 1,101 visitors
March 'Cafe chairs' with 1,051 visitors
April 'Cobblestones' with 647 visitors
December 'My street' with 619 visitors
October 'Silhouette' with 574 visitors
November 'The water's edge' with 540 visitors
September 'People watching' with 461 visitors
August 'Numbers' with 400 visitors
January 'Festival of the Belly Button' with 400 visitors
January 'National Day - Australia' with 277 visitors

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