Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nederlands (Cont.)

From L to R: Kees, Ineke, and Petra

To the accompaniment of beer and wine, there was much talk about iphone photo quality, blogger issues, blog traffic and followers, the use of Twitter, how and when to end a blog, and Theme Days. Classic CDP small-talk.

The bloggers wait in the Museum garden.

The group met at a small museum where both Henri and Kees showed their work. Over the years, Henri had produced a unique newspaper (in the proper sense of the word, 'unique') for Museum Gouda, and Kees, who is a painter, exhibited his work at the museum, also. Along with the beverages, authentic Goudse stroopwafel were consumed. Then, Kees guided the bloggers on a tour through Gouda, a very cute, though small, medieaval town. Finally, everyone repaired to the local pub, where most of the accompanying photographs were taken.

From L to R: Petra, Ria (obscured), Peter, Henri, and Kees

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  1. Did you see Gouda properly?
    Gouda is a town I wrote several posts about. I always show my visitors around in Gouda, especially in the town centre with the famous townhall, the weigh-house, the cathedral with the famous stained glass windows, the candle factories etc. It is a beautiful town, worth while seeing!


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